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We are Kevin, Julian and Michelle. The idea for HIVESOUND was born in 2022, and the founding team has been complete since January 2023. In April 2023, we were accepted into the AI.Ideation programme of the AI.STARTUP.HUB Hamburg and received financial and ideational support. 

In March 2024, we received the EXIST start-up grant from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection.  

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Rethinking digital administration: your personal AI assistant

The HIVESOUND platform offers all classic functions of digital beekeeping management: Create colonies and locations, manage material and breeding. Document your inspections and to-dos, and store important documents. 
Are you currently managing your beekeeping with an Excel spreadsheet? No problem: Simply import your data into the platform so that no information is lost. 
But that's not all: Your personal AI assistant generates recommendations for action, which are based on your documentation, weather data and nectar flow.

These functions help you to keep your bees healthy and strong throughout the season despite climate change. Unfortunately, today's beekeepers can no longer rely on old wisdom. 
Are you a professional beekeeper and wondering how you can work securely and profitably in the future? The HIVESOUND platform with your personal AI assistant can help you with logistics and planning in times of staff shortages and increased costs. Less time for paperwork and more time for what's fun!

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Always know how your bees are doing

We know that beekeeping can be exhausting: Beekeeping as a craft is labour intensive, requires a lot of time and in-depth knowledge - whether you are a professional or a hobbyist. Climate change brings new and unprecedented threats, such as heatwaves, widespread flooding and other extreme weather events. The rise in temperature causes shifts in the nectar flow and a faster spreading of the invasive Asian hornet.

Unfortunately, our protein-rich honeybees are a highly sought-after food source. Like many scientists around the world, we at HIVESOUND are convinced that new beekeeping challenges can only be tackled by real-time monitoring systems based on sensory data. Unfortunately, there is currently very little data available to train robust AI models, which can detect queenlessness, swarming, sicknesses or other stressors. This is why we rely on helping hands within the beekeeping community to collect missing data with us. 

Join our network to allow us shaping the the future of beekeeping together! 

To preserve our livelihoods

Even if the media often tell us otherwise - honey bees, just like wild bees, are essential for ecosystems that form the foundation of all human life. To portray honey bees as less important or even harmful is fatal. We think in networks - and are therefore committed to the protection of all pollinators. Because Honeybees are well-known and well-understood animals in human care, they can serve as a leverage for the protection of other pollinators and their habitats. 

And we have no time to lose: A recent report by the World Meteorological Organisation shows that all records were broken in 2023: global average temperature, sea surface temperatures, CO2 concentrations or ice melt. Today, there’s news about extreme weather events every day, such as floods and heatwaves that threaten entire ecosystems and therefore our own food security. 

The majority of our crops and flowering plants depend on pollination by bees and other insects. The economic value of pollination is estimated at around 1 trillion US dollars worldwide. Without healthy bees, earth cannot sustain human life - and this is where we at HIVESOUND come into play.

Anstract illustration of woman looking at huge phone screen with nature depicted in it.

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